direction, choreography, music arrangement: Janusz Orlik
dance: Pia Libicka, Janusz Orlik
set design: Mariusz Szmytkowski
costumes: Oskar Perek
video: Janusz Orlik, Michał Łuczak

“I don’t remember what I was thinking about lying in a hospital bed. Some thoughts however run through my mind…”

“Exerese monobloc” poses many questions concerning disability, physical handicap and its impact on dance movement. Can the movement be the same precise and communicative when performed by disabled person (dancer)? Do we know what may disability be in dance? Can disability be a part of dance? How disability may be mirrored in a complexed choreography?

“Broken” dance vocabulary, making efforts while trying to sit on a chair with an immobilized limb, dance with protection of crutches, reminiscences of lost dreams, feelings, experiences and reactions during hospitalization are the main topics of this unconventional piece. “Exerese monobloc” is a story about overcoming life troubles, making dreams come true, achieving goals, pursue to be oneself…

“A beautiful story about breaking barriers within yourself and between people.”

Stefan Drajewski, Głos Wielkopolski

“I don’t know: is it a spectacle or not a spectacle? I do not want to know. I do not have to. It is very possible that a new genre has been created and will be studied, analyzed and assessed. You could call it, for example, a theatrical documentary. You could devote a paper to it at a session dedicated to dance therapy. I would like to thank you for allowing me to participate in the meeting entitled “Exerese Monobloc”. As a witness.”

Ewa Obrębowska-Piasecka, Gazeta Wyborcza

“The finale, despite the spectacle, in champagne bubbles with a smile, fulfillment, and future. Pina Bausch once said, “it doesn’t matter how someone moves, what matters is what moves you.” There wasn’t a single person in the audience who was indifferent; although emotions, like Pia’s pain, took over the entire scale.”

Iwona Pasińska, Próba Nieregularnik Teatralny
  • 20 May 2008
    IX edycja konkursu „Gdynia bez Barier” (projekcja video), Teatr Muzyczny w Gdyni, Gdynia, Poland
  • 19 October 2007
    Akademia Walki z Rakiem przy Fundacji Gdyński Most Nadziei (projekcja video), Klub MINGA, Gdynia, Poland
  • 21 May 2006
    Zwrotnik Raka – konferencja Akademii Walki z Rakiem (projekcja video), Stary Browar, Studio Słodownia +2, Poznań, Poland
  • 30 November 2005
    taniec.doc (projekcja video), Stary Browar, Studio Słodownia +3, Poznań, Poland
  • 9 July 2005
    XII Międzynarodowa Konferencja Tańca Współczesnego i Festiwal Sztuki Tanecznej (projekcja video), Bytomskie Centrum Kultury, Bytom, Poland
  • 15 April 2005
    Stary Browar, Studio Słodownia +3, Poznań, Poland
  • 21 December 2004
    Stary Browar, Studio Słodownia +3, Poznań, Poland
  • 20 December 2004
    Stary Browar, Studio Słodownia +3, Poznań, Poland